Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty Girls

I got to take pictures for my friend, Laretta, the other day. She has 2 girls and though I don't think they look very much alike, they're both really pretty girls. They have great bone structure - I know, we hear that all the time, but for me, it means they photograph well from any angle.

Just take a look....

Are these pretty girls or what?

I could photograph them all day.

Ashley, the eldest, is going on a mission very soon and wanted some nice pre-mission pictures so we took lots of her. She'll be a great missionary, we're all very proud of her.

And this is Mom and Dad....

They're cute too.


Jenna Marie said...

You're right! They are gorgeous girls. Fun personalities too... I think that helps with pictures as well. :) Love the black and white one of Ashley leaning against the wall. That's what I want to learn how to do with focusing. And that Jordan is just SO darn cute!! :)

Brian and Hillary said...

Wow!!! Those are great pictures of all of them. Ashley has changed and grown up. They are both pretty girls.