Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Good Boy

(Luke at about 3 months.)

On Sunday, I received this note from my baby's Sunday School teacher:

(My husband) and I often tell each other our favorite part of the day.
Today, my favorite thing happened in Primary.

We were talking about how Heavenly Father gave us families because
he loves us. After doing that section, I said to each of the kids, one at
a time, "Heavenly Father loves you".

Zach was absent. I was about to head on to finish the lesson and Luke
quietly said, "He loves Zachary too".

Getting her note was the best part of my day.


Bridget said...

Oh, my goodness! This made me cry. I'll be sure to tell Zac what Luke said. Your kids have been so kind and accepting of Zac, and I will be eternally grateful for that. How sweet!