Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Beautiful New Little Girl and Her Big Brothers

This gorgeous little girlie is 3 weeks old, so she was also a Christmas baby. I got to take her pictures this week, but instead of taking her picture, I just wanted to sit around and rock and cuddle her (in fact, I did for a little while). She was such a good baby and felt like a little sack of sugar to hold.

Isn't she beautiful?

Her big brothers were so sweet with her and I especially loved these pics with Stetson....

and Toby....

How sweet are those?

I also loved this one of Stets and Tobe together....

They're such cute boys - both sporting the same manly haircut as my own boy.

Baby sister, Kynlee, was a perfect model, she kept drifting off to sleep and was just the best sport!

Her little hands were so sweet, she was always putting them up by her face, which I so love.

She even grabbed her own toes at one point. Precious!

She was so relaxed I just couldn't get over it.

One of the best natured babies I've ever met, I was even able to capture a little smile.

When Dad picked her up, she looked so tiny in his big hands - and we could swear she was about to tell him something.

What a lucky family to get such a wonderful Christmas gift. I'm pretty sure they appreciate her, especially Mom. Good work, Mom, you cooked up a pretty special kiddo there.

Thanks guys, for letting me come, it was so enjoyable! I'm so happy for you!


Jenna Marie said...

OH GOODNESS! She is beautiful!! I could just eat her up! Very cute pictures! I love the one with the presents too. She looks so squishy and adorable in the one with her mom and sleeping under the blanket. :) Stetson was actually in Jeff's class for a little while. Good kid. Great job! You are getting so good!

katie said...

Love these pictures!!She is a doll!! You do such an amazing job!

Tiffanie said...

BEAUTIFUL Pictures!! How do you pick a favorite!!!! Monica, you have a beautiful family, I am soo happy for you!