Saturday, January 2, 2010


We have some friends named Jerry and Amy who are relatively new to our town. Jerry makes chainsaw bears (and eagles and buffalo, and probably any kind of critter you could imagine) and he's really pretty amazing at it. Amy is my visiting teaching companion and is an absolute doll!

We went up to my folks for Christmas and when we got back, this little feller was waiting on our back porch. I LOVE HIM! He's a farrier (horseshoer) bear and Marty is a farrier. So he's a Marty-bear.

In other words, he is a special, custom made chainsaw bear. Just for us.

The kids call him Papabear.

In't he cute?!

With his horseshoe and forge hammer and separate little anvil?

Except when I walk away, his eyes seem to follow me.

Right? Can you see it too?

Kinda creepy.

But still.... thanks Jerry! You rock, I love my little Marty bear! Such a fun Christmas surprise. And thankfully, unlike the cat, he doesn't mind living outside.