Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photos for Myself

I follow a blog by a lovely lady who calls herself, Miz Booshay. She is a very talented photographer, but what I always expect to see when I go to her blog is a breathtaking photo of her beautiful little girl, Katie.

She posts a new picture of Katie almost everyday. And she's such a little doll that I never get tired of seeing her gorgeousness on Miz Boo's blog. You really ought to check her out. (She also has an older daughter, Emma, who is stunning as well.)

There are so many women in my life who inspire me. I look around at them and think, "If they can do it, so can I", whether I actually know them or not.

And as much as I enjoy taking pictures for other people, it's fun to have a little bit of a break and have time to take a few pictures for myself today - of my own beautiful daughter.

And Fred, can't forget good old Fred.

Poor Fred, nobody loves him.

Miz Boo always ends her blog entries by saying, "Encourage one another".

How nice is that?


Tiffanie said...

WOW...amazing! I love your blog! Your daughter is Beautiful!!! I love love love the bottom picture. It should be blown up HUGE and hung somewhere where EVERYONE can enjoy it!!! Happy Snapping!

Donna Boucher said...

Thank you for the lovely comments!
I always think people will get sick and tired of Katie :o)
I don't. But, you know :o)
Your daughter is beautiful and your pictures are wonderful. Fred. Great name. is a cool cat!

Can you come over and fix Katie's seem to have a knack :o)