Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fabulous Fred

So, Marty works for the county and they park their trucks and equipment up at the county land fill - better known as, the dump. He had been going to the dump everyday for about a week and there was a little cat up there who would always come up to him and want attention. He was kind of a pain - jumping on the tires and getting in the way. Marty wondered whether he'd come from the farm down the road and across the highway. But after a few days went by and he was still there, Marty started to worry that he had been abandoned and finally broke down and brought him home.

My husband.

Brought home a stray cat.

It was his idea - no children were there to coerce him into it.

And here's said kitty, we named him Fred.

In't he cuuuute?!

He's fit right in. He is so easygoing, he's the perfect kid-cat. The kids drag him around in the laundry basket, carry him in every conceivable way, and twirl him on my office chair - and he doesn't mind a bit
- he eats it up.

The kids are crazy about him.

Even Maddie is getting along with him. She's chased cats all her life - which I have strongly discouraged - but I always thought that if she actually caught a cat, she wouldn't know what to do with one. Well, Mr. Fred won't run from her and she doesn't know what to do with that.

What's a kindhearted, 14 year old dog supposed to do when the cat won't run? Hmmmm. Sniff it? Lick it? Take a nap with it on the sunny back porch?

Anyhooo, Fred has already learned that he may sleep on the kids' beds but not mine - nor my recliner. He's also learned that he may NOT get into the garbage, but that there is free choice cat food in the back room. He's learned that the counter tops are strictly off limits. In fact, he's got us all figured out and has already become a model citizen.

And about everyday I walk into a room and see this....

And this...

Blatant public displays of affection. Poor Fred, nobody loves him.

He's a little bit freaky - he licks my toes when I'm sitting at my computer! And sometimes, when I'm holding him, he grabs my fingers and pulls them in to lick. He kind of has a licking fettish.

Funny Fred. Funny, freaky floppy, fabulous Fred.

Welcome home, buddy.


Kristy said...

Aww, you guys are so sweet. He couldnt have been took home by better people.

Alayna said...

Way to go've trained him well lol ;-).