Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beginnings, Middles, and Ends - win a free PHOTO SESSION

The Parelli Natural Horsemanship horse training program that I study is all about self improvement. There are many amazing parallels with being a successful horse trainer and being a successful and happy human being in general. By being dedicated students of the program, we learn to not blame the horse (or other people) and take personal responsibility when things aren't going well. We learn that horses (and kids) need equal doses of love, language and leadership. We learn that we need to become more emotionally fit in order to be good leaders (parents, spouses, friends).

In my study of this program, I've also learned that most people prefer either beginnings, middles, or ends.

  • A beginnings person thrives on change. They have lots of different hobbies, interests and talents. They get bored quickly and want to move onto something new, fun and more interesting. They are bored by routine and don't feel a real need to finish things.
  • A middles person doesn't like change or being pushed out of their comfort zone. They like repetition and are good at doing a few things very well. They are comforted by routine and aren't bored by repeating things they are good at doing.
  • An ends person likes the feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing something - with getting a degree or completing a project. They are great at pushing through the boring middle to get to the end and see the job done.
This concept Is very interesting to me. I think it's important to learn about ourselves, be self aware, and find ways in which we can make our weak places become stronger.

My mom is good in all three areas. As a college professor, she's had to be. As a mom and wife and sole caregiver of an ill spouse, she's had to be. She's also someone who's quite balanced between right and left brain. It makes me realize that we aren't stuck with the weaknesses and personality imbalances that we are born with. We can learn and grow and develop ourselves.

The point of all this rambling is that I have discovered that I'm a beginnings person - BIG TIME.

I have way too many interests. I have dozens of half finished projects around my house and on my hard drive. I'm excited about the next shoot, the next trip, the latest and greatest ________ (most of the time). I do like to accomplish, but I really hate middles - dishes, laundry, endless hours of photo editing, yard work, etc.... But I'm better at all those things than I used to be, or at least my attitude is better. And I want to keep working on myself, I want to keep improving in all areas of my life.

And boy do I have a long, long way to go.


But here's the deal. I've been hearing from a lot of folks who say they read my blog but never comment. So I thought I'd try a little incentive to see who's out there. If you leave a comment on this post, you will be entered to win a random drawing for an (after Christmas) photo session with me.

To be entered, just let me know which you are - a beginnings person, a middles person, or and ends person. Or two, or all three, I'm just kinda curious to know.

If for some reason you have a problem leaving a comment, let me know by email -

Contest ends at midnight on December 5th, a week from now. I will post the name of the winner here on my blog.


And here are a few photos of my kids taken on Thanksgiving day. Love these guys!

We were down at a place called The Barracks where there's a tunnel that goes under the highway.


Nettie said...

I loved this post, and I learned after some pondering, (and asking my husband) that I am 100% a beginning person. I do like to finish a project though! *I REALLY hope I win, I love any excuse to come up that way. not to mention, I am envious of all your talent.

Anonymous said...

Ann- I love your work so much- I finnaly got some prints of the photos you took of Marlee and am hanging them up in my house- !!!!I would have to say that I am a mixture of all three but problably tend to be on the side of the middles because I like my comfort zone and if it is my idea I will reach out but I dont like to be forced out of my zone and I like to be doing things and I really like them to be done but I tend to procrastinat some.... alot- anyhow I love looking at your blog- I am just not much of a commenter but- I would love a photo shoot- and even if I dont win I would love to schedule a one with you- Marlee is growing and you take much better pics than me!!!!!!!! wow- well there is a super long comment for ya!

Brandy and Marv said...

Ann the anonymouse comment was from me BRANDY- Not sure why it posted like that but its me!!!!!

Jamie Spencer said...

Hi Ann, I love reading your blog, I just never comment...I don't know why.
While reading your latest post I knew immediatly I am a middles person. Sad to say, I'm not real adventurous. But I am trying this year to make some changes. I am somewhat and ends person also I guess, because if I do start a new project, nothing else gets done till its finished. I love compleation. But for the most part I like my routine and finding new ways to make my routine work even better. Thanks for your post. I wish I could take a self improvement program, it sounds like your getting great counseling while your at work. How great is that!
Keep up with the great photos...I can't wait to get ours that you took. Dave said it was the best photo shoot ever. (That's a huge complement coming from him, he hates family photo day.) After you took our photo, even before we seen the pictures he told me "we need to do that more often."
Thanks, you do awesome work!

Jenna Marie said...

Wow- When I first opened your blog... all I could think about was how GORGEOUS that first picture of Brynn was! Wow! Um... seriously you guys are in trouble! :) Then I kept looking down and kept loving all of the other pictures of your beautiful kids as well!! You guys did well!! :)

You know I'm on of your biggest fans... :) I'd love to win, but I have you take our pictures so much anyway, you should give it to somebody else if I win. :) You are already my personal photographer- haha.

As for which kind of person I am? Hmmm... I DO know that I can never make any decisions by my self, which probably explains why I couldn't decide what kind of person I was: Not really a beginning person. I hate change. Although- I love having random things to do during the day and evening with friends to change it up. I'm quite a bit of a middle person I think. I also love to finish a project... I'm just not good it. :) So... You decide. :)

Ronnie said...

Beginnings person all the way! My friend Sheila once asked me why I know so much random stuff. I told her it is because every time I see something of remote interest to me, I research it like crazy, and it becomes a hobby for a little (or rarely a long) while. But, then I get distracted by the next new thing, and on it goes...

Kristy said...

Well first off, your kids are way too cute. I love the picture of all three of them together. I comment some, they are short and sweet, but they are there. I love seeing all the pictures you take...I think the one of Marla, Josh and Janey really cought thier personalities. I love it.

Now on the the question..I believe I am a "middle" I really like my comfort zone, but I do ok out side of it too. Its hard to look at your self and see things like that until some one asks the question. But lately I have been trying to be more of and "end." Lance is deffenatly an ends person. He thrives on finishing things. I really admire him for that. He would be so mad if he knew I was saying that. He's pretty private. But one of my "changes" I desided to make is this...We set a goal to get to the temple. We are starting the Temple prep class in Dec or Jan... So I am GOING to be an ends on this one.

Thanks for all the pictures you put up. Its like getting a glims into someones life. I love your work...

ME said...

I def want in on this!!!! I'm all three all the that even possible???

Hanna said...

I would think that I am a beginnings and end person. A little of both. I like to try new things and change, and I also love the feeling of accomplishment!!

Brian and Hillary said...

HI Ann,

I am definitely a middle person. I would like to be an ends person too. But I don't know if that will ever happen.

My husband is definitely a beginning and an ends. He is so good at different things and loves to accomplish it. He tries to set himself goals everyday for various jobs he has to get done and meets them a lot, but when he doesn't he is upset and wants to try to meet it the next day. I wish I could be more like him

I love getting on your site. Never comment though. You are awesome at taking pictures. I want to do something like this too, but just haven't.

Kate said...

Fine fine I confess.... I'm a lurker too. I love seeing your photos and watching your talent grow. I love the looks you are doing lately, especially the latest of Annie's kids. That 4yr old IS stunning. I would be excited to have you take pictures of my baby! BTW your kids are adorable.

Kate said...

See you can tell Im a beginnings person... I didn't even remember to include it. Ha ha! Lots of just started crafts and projects around here. Some don't even make it past the drawing board.