Friday, December 4, 2009

Annie's Beautiful Kids

My friend Linda, who is one of my long time horsie buddies and works with me, has the most gorgeous grandkids. I've always wanted to take their pictures and finally got to last weekend.

These are some seriously cute little people, but Mom and Dad are really going to have to watch out for this girl when she gets older. Her dad told me that he plans to keep a gun handy to scare off the boys. She's so pretty that I'm sure they could hire out as a model - and she's only 4 years old.

Wow, huh.

Big brother's going to be quite the heartbreaker too.

The shoot was short and sweet, but we got lots of good photos. I think this is my favorite:

Thanks for coming up, Annie. Next time, tell Tom to shave so we can get the whole family in on the fun! ;o)


Kristy said...

Did Annie move back?? I havent seen these kids since they were babies. They sure have grown up.