Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Family Photo Shoot

Last Saturday, I had THREE family photo sessions. 'Tis the season for family portraits in time for Christmas, apparently. All three sessions were totally different and really fun - with different aged kids.

This is a family I've known since I married and moved here, the 3 oldest girls were all in my primary class. They're just a really neat family.

Their oldest daughter is getting married tomorrow. Pretty exciting! And their second daughter is leaving soon to serve an LDS mission in Australia. We took a few of just her, I think they're so pretty.

She's such a good kid (sorry, Anna, you'll always be a kid to me) and has a beautiful, angelic singing voice.

The family was so cooperative and easy to work with that we took lots of different poses and groupings.

And we laughed and laughed....

They have a really nice property that runs along the Virgin River - looks more like a Creek right now.

I love leaves, trees, rocks... any kind of texture.

And they had lots of options to choose from in their big yard.

Here are a couple that I played around with a little with PS actions.

Thanks, guys, for making it easy on me, it was delightful. Hope you like your pictures. I'll bring the rest to the reception.

Congrats Jeff and Melinda!