Friday, November 13, 2009

Keen and Cute!

It seems like the most recent photos I take are always the ones I like the best, and this was my favorite kind of shoot - one on one with a beautiful little human being.

This handsome little guy is Keenan and he is 15 months old. He belongs to my friend Betty and she told me that since he's the baby of the family, she has the fewest pictures of him and wanted him to have his own special session.

When he got here, he looked pretty serious and I was afraid he would be not so cooperative, but boy was I wrong! He smiled up a storm and we ended up with dozens that were really nice.

We started in the front room with the light coming in through the doorway. It's a place that I'm confident I can always get delicious catchlights in the eyes. He liked my old rocking horse and playing peek-a-boo with Mom.

Then we went out and sat him on my BIG rocking horse and he liked that one as well.

... then on to the fort which is always fun....

I LOVED his sweater and Betty told me that her mother-in-law made it and all three of her boys have worn it. Fun way to incorporate a family heirloom in the photos.

We put him in the cottonwood leaves out behind our house and I loved how he looked with his pretty blond hair in the golden leaves and weeds.

On this one I used my latest favorite Photoshop action from the fabulous CoffeeShop Free Actions - it's called Faded Day Dreams. Did I mention all her actions are free?! She has so many neat ones that work with Photoshop Elements. I love this look.

He sure likes his Mama, and I don't blame him, she's pretty great.

Thanks, Betty, for letting me play with your cute little guy, I loved getting to know him a little better. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak, there are lots more where those came from!


Vacation Rental Owner said...

Ann, how do I love thee, let me count the ways . . . .
Oh my gosh, I absolutely love these pictures, to the point of tears.
Thank you for sharing your gift of photography.
You're such a wonderful woman.
Thanks again.