Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hoyt Kids are FUN!

I took my friend Jill's family pictures a couple of weeks ago and she decided that she wanted to get together again and take portraits of each of her kids. They're such cute kids and I've known them all their lives. Jill is my neighbor just up the hill from me and our kids play together all the time.

I took me a while, but I've figured out that the more fun you have with kids, the better everything goes. So we laughed and played and had a good old time. All the kids are such characters, they crack me up. Getting the group shot proved to be a little tricky, but we got some really nice ones of each of the kids by themselves.

I played around with these in Photoshop just to entertain myself, and I'm also posting some of the silly ones, they're always my favorites.

This one's called, "If you can't beat 'em, join em'." (Her mom was saying something like, "please cooperate and don't show your fingernails" and I was clicking away- love it!)

We got lots of handsome ones of him....

...but I love this one. It's a little blurry, but I don't care. He kept giggling and his giggling made us all laugh.

Get a load of this little dolly-face! Her Mom does hair for a living and all these girls have the prettiest hair in town. Those curls are killin' me!

especially with the light shining through 'em!

I just love the look on his face - classic, "are we done yet?" look.

And then his little sister stole his hat. She is all about the hats, now.

What a kid - love this one.

This girl is growing right up and getting gorgeous like her Mama.

My favorite.

Thanks, Jill, for asking me to do these. The kids did great and they were tooooo funny. There are so many more good ones it might take me a little while to get them all done. But I know where to find you. :)


Owen and April said...

Hey Ann,

It's April Hoyt. These pictures are so cute of Jill's kids! Well all your pictures are! I love them. I was just wondering if there was I time we could plan to do some with Owen and I and mostly of our new baby. I don't know if you will be around this weekend at all (thankgiving)? We will be there all weekend besides Saturday morning. Or maybe there is a better weekend we can do it? Let me know if we can plan a time. We are mostly only in Orderville on weekends so hopefully this will work? You do a great job!!

Jill said...

The pictures of the the kids are all great. I amazed at what you can do with a camera. Thank you so much for taking the time to capture my kids the way I like. This is something I haven't figured out yet. These will always be photos I will love to look at. thanks again. I am looking foward to seeing all of them.