Friday, November 27, 2009

Sand Dunes Family Photo Shoot

We live in a such a beautiful part of the world. About 20 minutes from my house is a place called the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. It is a state park and lots of folks go there to recreate and view the gorgeousness that is the dunes. It's not only fun in the summer, but it's a fantastic place to go sledding in the winter time.

Anyway, my friend Cassie's husband is a park ranger out there and they live there as well. They'd never had their family pictures taken at the dunes, even though they've lived there for years so we figured it was about time.

This is what it looks like:

Neato, huh.

Cassie has 3 cute boys and a caboose of a little baby girl, so it was fun to get Little Sister with all of her fun big brothers together.

Is this a cute bunch, or what?

We shot each of the boys by themselves and I'm learning to recognize a phenomenon common to just about every family with young kids that I shoot. It's called, "I don't necessarily want to get my own pictures taken, but I like to get in on the action when it's someone else's turn". And it results in photos like this:

Which then results in encounters such as this one:

Is that funny, or what?

And then we got on with it.

We took some of the whole group that turned out cute, but my favorite was this one:

Thanks, guys, for letting me come out and play in the sand, it's so cool. And I literally had about 1/4 cup of sand in one of my shoes when I got home. Good times.


Kristy said...

Those are so fun. What a great place.