Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Phoenix the Supermodel

During my photo lessons with Molly, we're always on the lookout for photo subjects and since my Hanoverian/Thoroughbred colt, Phoenix, is so in-your-face handy, he has been our model on more than one occasion.

I took this one with Molly's camera and telephoto lens. She was teaching me about rim light - see that pretty light shining through his ear hairs? And around the edges of his face and that loverly strip along his back. Awwww.....

Molly took this one of him in silhouette. He was whinnying and it was cool how his mane was blowing up. Neat, huh.

This one was me again and we were going for some light in his eyes. I also like how he's got veins sticking out all over the place. What a fancy horse.