Saturday, September 5, 2009

Senior Photos Shoot, Starring Tara

I had a fun photo day today - 2 different sessions. The first one was a senior photo session with a lovely young woman named Tara (hope I spelled that right, Tara!). She is a talented pianist, so of course we had to get her piano in on the action.

She also wanted to have her dog, Annie, in the photos, and those turned out sooo cute.

I've downloaded a bunch of free actions lately from a site with free Photoshop Elements actions. It's called CoffeeShop Free Stuff...... I can't believe these fun actions are free! And made for Elements! I've used the sweet shop glazes action before on my newborn photos, but this is the first time I've used some of the others.

I particularly like this one - it's called Golden Vintage. So pretty and retro-y. Cute doggie, huh.

And this one was Lomo.....kinda fun:

And here's the same photo, action-less.

This one is Golden Vintage again, with a little bit of tweaking. Love it....

It was a great session - Tara is the teacher's aid my daughter's 4th grade class, and Brynn tells me that Tara is SO NICE! (Apparently, she brings them candy.) It truly was a pleasure to take her photos.

Thanks, Tara, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak.


Tara said...

Thank you Ann for taking my senior pictures! The pictures turned out as amazing as I thought they would and I am excited to see all of them. Your daughter is a very cute girl and I love seeing her smiling face as I walk in everyday. Thank you so much for taking so much care to make my senior pictures personal and something I will treasure for years to come.