Friday, September 11, 2009

9 Eleven

What a day to remember. I almost can't think about it.

But I love that our little town puts up flags all down the main street. I love that we remember many great and brave Americans on this day - this country still has lots of them.

And I love my niece, Ally, whose birthday this is. She was actually born on 9.11.00, the year before THE 9/11.

She is fun and quirky and cool and only 7 weeks younger than my girl. So - -happy birthday Alls! We love you.


I also love our National Anthem. This one gave me chills. And it made my cry just a little. I really love this country.

And I'm very worried about it.

But I can't think about that right now either. I just want to listen to that National Anthem again and then go to bed.