Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a Tough Job......

I can't believe Miss Allison is already 6 months old! Her mom, my friend Jenna, is really good about taking pictures and documenting milestones (go Jen!) so of course we had to take some for Allison's 6 month birthday. She was so cute and smiley and sparklie and a great sport about all the funny places we put her and all the different poses.

Jenna had the idea to do some with pearls and I love them! Every single one was good, but here is just a small sampling.

Her brother, Dallin's 6th month photo shoot was one of the first sessions I ever did that I really felt good about. We took his pictures in this old enamel tub (that Marty used to change his oil in) and a cowboy hat. So we had to use the tub. It's a family tradition.

I played with the Coffee Shop actions again, these soft glazes are so sweet and feminine:

She has such pretty eyes and skin - this is such a gorgeous age!

We had a great time, talk about an easy kid to get nice photos of!


Jenna Marie said...

Awwww! I just love my Missy Moo! :) Thank you so much!! :) THey are so adorable. I keep coming back to look at them again and again. :) You're awesome!

katie said...

They look great Ann!! What a cute baby!