Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Blessed in My Friends

Last night, my friend Jenna....

....made a wonderful dinner for my family. She seemed to think she owed it to me, which is ridiculous -- she's just a good friend and knows how much I LOVE not having to make dinner. The dinner was chicken and rice with this super yum gravy, green been casserole with French's onions on the top, and lava cake. It tasted sooo good and we always have such a fun time with them.

Here are just a few of the many things I love about Jenna:

  • She's kind to everybody - she's one of the kindest people I know.
  • She's humble and self-effacing even though she's beautiful and EXTREMELY talented.
  • She's my kid's piano teacher and has made piano fun for them - they feel confident and safe with her, I can't believe how well they're playing already!
  • She's fun to hang out with.
  • She's a great wife and a wonderful mother, it's fun to watch her with her kids.
  • She's creative and crafty and I wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for her.
  • She writes great thank-you notes.
I could go on and on, but I won't. She's probably embarrassed already.

Love you Jen!


And then TONIGHT.....

I came in the door after having been at work all day and then on my own horse until about 20 minutes after dark, and wondered what in the world I was going to make for dinner this time of night. And then I noticed this:

a whole bunch of it - thick, creamy, flavorful Chicken Corn Chowder.

With bacon.

and this:

....a soft, fluffy, perfectly baked butter-top homemade roll - and 7 of his friends.

Apparently, my friend Katie - who's family pictures I took last night - brought me dinner. That's two nights in a row that my friends have fed my family. And they're both waaay better cooks than I am. How did I get so lucky?

And to top it off, I have a lovely jar of plum jelly that my friend, Omi, brought me that I can put on the rolls.

Can anyone say CARBOHYDRATES?

Mmmmm. My favorite.

Here's another fun picture of Katie (and her sweetheart) that we got last night.

And here are a few things I love about Katie:
  • She's honest and candid.
  • She's always upbeat and positive.
  • She's very generous about sharing all her amazing recipes.
  • Her pumpkin cake.
  • Her banana cake.
  • Her chocolate sheet cake.
  • She tends my kids while I work and I feel so safe when they're with her. They love to go to her house.
  • She's always a phone call away whenever I need to talk to someone.
  • She's lots of fun.
  • She loves her family SO much.
I could go on and on with Katie too. In fact, I've got lots of good friends and I'm realizing that I don't appreciate any of them enough. So from now on, I'm going to blog about one of them from time to time. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

So to any and all of my good friends who might be reading this - you know who you are - I love you guys, thanks for putting up with me!


katie said...

Thanks Ann! But you are a great friend too! You do so much for everyone and you are so willing to share your knowledge. I am glad that I have you as a friend!!

ME said...

I agree w/ Katie...You are a great friend that's why you have such good friends!

How nice to have dinner two nights in a row...YUMMY!!! Recipes please???? The chicken corn chowder looks delish.

I really love Jenna's fam pics and would love to see fall pics of Jenna's fam with their new little one (hint, hint).

ps...love the leg lift/kiss pic of Katie and her man. Their family pics were so fabulous. What a cute family!

Jenna Marie said...

Awwww... Ann... :) You were right... I was embarrassed. Thank you so much. :)

And the reason I always feel like I owe it to you is because you're such an amazing friend yourself. You are always giving your time and talents to me and my family... and everyone else in town, and still always have time to listen to me. I love that about you! I also love how you can always make me laugh and feel good. You are confidant about yourself, your talents, and the gospel. I also love that about you. I Love ya Ann!! Thanks for being a great friend back. :)

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, these photos are AMAZING! no, really-- simply stunning!!! I just love this time of year in Southern Utah.. the gold shimmery leaves.. I just read your post about Boulder. That is neat! My husband said if he could live anywhere in the world it would be there :) Anyhow -- gonna check out the rest of your blog now but those fall pics are so awesome Ann!!!