Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jennings Family continued....

I promised more pictures of Marla and her cute family and here they are. Marla is really well known around here, not only because she grew up here, but because her family owns the only local grocery store and Marla is there everyday. She probably knows absolutely everyone in our little community. If they shop for food, that is.

Everyday she wears her hair up in a bun and you wouldn't believe how many people and have come up to me and told me that they never knew Marla had so much hair until they saw it on my blog. I think that's funny.

Marla is a fellow horse lover, so we talk horses in the store all the time. Her husband, Josh, is a Calf Roper and has enough BIG trophy buckles for the whole family.

Bet you've never seen a sweet little baby girl in a giant belt buckle before.

Cute family, huh.

Little Miss Jane thought Dad was too prickly to kiss.

We hung around a run down old barn and we all felt right at home.

And the light was just so pretty in Marla's hair.

Thanks, guys, for letting me take your pictures, it was so fun!


Jenna Marie said...

They all look great! And I definitely recognize the location! :) LOVE the belt buckles!! :)

Nettie said...

I love your photography... I would love any tips. =) Nanette is helping me out with the basics too.

ME said...

It's so fun personally knowing the subjects of your photography and then seeing you nail their personalities in the shots! WELL DONE!

That giant baby belt buckle is a first for me! She's a cutie!