Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Photo Shoot in the Canyon

My friend, Shiree, asked me to take her family's photos today. She's so organized this year, now she's already for Christmas cards and presents for Grandparents.

They'd scouted out some pretty leaves up one of our local canyon - they were so pretty!

I thought we got some pretty fun shots, I especially like this family photo:

We took a few of each of the kids, shown here from oldest to youngest. Aren't they cute?!

I don't know if Shiree will like these of her - she's her own worst critic - but I love them.

... and her shirt matches the leaves.

We about never stopped giggling the whole time, it was a blast.

And happy birthday last week, Shiree! We still need to do lunch.


Jenna Marie said...

Way Cute!!!! Ahh... Jealous! I want leaf pictures!! :)

ME said...

love these! What a great shoot. Beautiful colors and a fun family...doesn't get much better than that

katie said...

So cute Ann! I love them!!

Kristy said...

were did you take these...i love them

Ann H said...

We took them up in Main Canyon past the corrals and the cattle guard. So pretty, but the leaves are almost gone already. Sniff.

So if anyone else is wanting leaf pictures up there, lets do it soon!