Sunday, December 28, 2008

enjoying the Vista (Vista, CA that is)

I just realized that I haven't posted any pics from our trip to CA at Thanksgiving time.

The trip out there took forever because of all the holiday traffic. We stopped only 3 times for bathroom breaks and food, and spent about 11 hours in the car. Sheesh! I couldn't believe how good the kids were. They didn't fight, and just entertained each other the whole time. Amazing.

It rained on us most of the way there and turned out to be a 99 year record storm for San Diego. But it quit raining just for us, and we were able to get to the beach at Oceanside on Thanksgiving Day. I had almost as much fun taking pictures as my kids did playing on the beach. Laura was a good sport and took us again the next day - my kids could never get enough, I think, even if we lived there.

We also went to the Midway Museum - the retired aircraft carrier - in San Diego on Friday. The kids were a little disappointed to go there instead of the Wild Animal Park, but Grandpa really wanted to go and Grandma paid, so....

and it was fun anyway, at least I thought so. I think the boys liked it as well, but Brynn STILL won't quit talking about how boring it was. Not her thing, I guess. Oh well, she'll live.

And we had a good time just being together before Grandma and Grandpa and Scott and Sharon flew home. And who knows how many more of these trips Grandpa will be able to do.

When I caught Laura flirting with one of the sailors on board, I had to snap a picture. The funniest part was to see the faces of the other tourists....

I don't know why they were so shocked... I guess we're just used to her. :)