Sunday, December 28, 2008

the aftermath

After so much stress getting ready for Christmas and then such a chaotic aftermath to the present opening, I couldn't wait to get cleaning. On Christmas Day, Marty's sister and nephew were here most of the day and I spent much of the day cooking and doing dishes. So I got up Friday and went crazy cleaning, doing laundry and getting the tree taken down. And by Saturday morning, I had mucked out my Christmas tote, organized all the ornaments, and sent them out to the storage shed. Then I was on a roll and moved on to the kid's rooms, my room, and the rest of the house. I even got about 2 hours worth of cleaning, organizing and purging done in my crap room, uh, I mean craft room.

(The living room on Christmas morning.)

Normally, I pretty much despise housework and figure that every moment spent doing housework is a moment wasted, when it could be better spent creating something, playing with my kids or playing with my horses. But for some reason, these last 2 days after Christmas, it's just felt really great to CLEAN, clean, clean. I even cleaned the top of the entertainment center and underneath my bed! Whew. And Marty even got into the spirit by scrubbing the tub, doing the dishes and folding about 4 batches of laundry. There was hardly a nook or cranny of the house that wasn't touched. It felt good to wake up on the Sabbath to a clean house.

I couldn't resist including this one of Marty in Luke's Hulk mask. Al least he has the muscles for it!