Friday, December 26, 2008

'Tis the season for family portraits

I have been posting my photos on a photoblog, but decided to condense my blogs and only post on this one.

'Tis the season for family portraits, it seems, and I thought I'd post some of my favorites from the last few weeks.

The Corry's are my best "customers" and have been great to let me practice on them. They are some of my favorite people in a town full of wonderful folk. They are expecting a baby soon, but Jenna still looks great.

I've learned to take Jaxon with me whenever I take their pictures, he can almost always get Dallin to laugh. How much does this kid look like his dad?

I can believe when looking at these that only a couple of weeks ago there was no snow on the ground and we were in short sleeves. These days we are definitely walking (and sliding and falling) in a winter wonderland.


Jenna Marie said...

I can't believe how blue Dallin's eyes look in that family picture in the corn... Such a cutie if you ask me... :) and Yes- he DOES look like his daddy! Maybe this next one will edge more towards my side. I love all of these pics! Thanks Ann!

Ann H said...

He gets his beautiful blue eyes from YOU, I guess that should be a comfort, eh.