Sunday, December 28, 2008

winter wonderland

For the first several years of our marriage, Marty would always try to convince me that we got as much snow here in Southern Utah as we had in Utah County because we're at the same elevation. And every winter I'd say, "Dear, this is just a fraction of the snow my parents are getting", and shake my head. Poor man, he must be deluded.

Last year we had enough snow to knock down the old barn over at Aunt Cecelia's where we stored most of our winter hay, and I started to believe. But this year takes the cake! And it's only December!

This is our picnic table out my kitchen window. And this is after having a couple of warmer days that have melted some of it. The wooden table top is about 4 1/2 inches thick. I need to go out and measure the snow.

And poor little Feather. Luckily he's living with a couple of big horses who break trail for him. And boy does he stick to the trail. If there weren't trails to the food and water, he'd really be in a fix. He's only about 32" tall - the snow on my table is probably that tall! He's actually a pretty tough little guy and definitely gets the hairiest horse award in our herd of 7 very hairy horses, so I do believe that he's staying warm. He looks like some kind of Tibetan goat beast! Still pretty cute, though.

All this winter weather makes me grateful for my cozy little home, my wood stove, my husband who got lots of wood this fall (and looks so sexy chopping it), my little town where the store, bank, school, doctor, and post office are all within walking distance if need be, and my 4 wheel drives. And I keep telling myself, that with all this moisture and fuel prices having dropped, maybe hay will be more abundant and more affordable next summer.