Sunday, January 11, 2009

the "Humdinger"

Well, we finally did it. We finally took the plunge and bought a 3/4 ton Dodge with a Cummins diesel engine. We have worried that diesels are a little more expensive to maintain, but with our old truck getting so much less dependable lately, we decided it was time. And we really can justify a diesel since we live in a bowl and have to pull the horses up some wicked hills to get anywhere. We've also been having to go further afield to find hay this last year, but can never bring home as much as we'd like, because our old half ton truck can only haul so much at a time.

(In it's old home with Gerald and Janece in Las Vegas) So, after our good ol' GMC (with 400,000 miles on it) spent a couple of weeks in the driveway, dead again, we started looking on Craigs list,, the pioneer shopper, and finally finally found this one on ebay in Las Vegas. Because of the white replacement bed, the guy was having a hard time selling it and we got a really, REALLY good deal. The guy had sold his own trucks on ebay before and had gotten rave feedback, so we felt pretty good about it. He ended up meeting us in Mesquite yesterday and we were pretty impressed with how well it ran and with all the upgrades he'd made to it. It also had hummer tires and rims (with an extra set of both thrown in) which made it look pretty tough.

The kids actually really liked the white bed. While we were test driving it, they told us we ought to paint big red stars all over it so it would be the American colors. Too funny. We told them, sorry, but we were going to get the bed painted blue, right away.

I had a pretty good time driving it home. It's like the Tim Taylor more power truck. It growls and howls and rumbles and roars - in a good way, of course - what a beast. Our neighbors heard us coming home with it last night and accosted Marty at church this morning with, "You bought a 12 valve!"

Marty and I watched a hilarious episode of Red Green one time where he duck taped two pintos together to make his own hummer- he called it a humdinger. We thought it was so funny, and after finding this truck with the hummer wheels and the festive paint job, we thought humdinger was a good name for it, as well. We're going to check into vanity plates.

So I'll have to find an excuse to pull the horses somewhere with it sometime very soon. Uuuugh, uuuugh, more power!


Jenna Marie said...

I love it! :) There's something about driving a diesel truck... Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. :) And all I can think about it is Tim Allen's manly Tool Time sound effects...

katie said...

It is always fun to have something new to drive! I also love the sound of diesel brings back memories of home. :)