Friday, December 26, 2008

the saga of the Christmas doll ~ or ~ STUPID SANTA!

After realizing that the guitar I'd ordered off Amazon a month ahead of time was not coming, I sat Brynn down and asked her what she would want instead if Santa couldn't bring her the guitar. She had to think for a while, but finally decided that she wanted an old fashioned doll, like on Little House on the Prairie. Okay, I thought, no problem. Wrong! I couldn't find an old fashioned doll anywhere! We even went to St. George on Christmas Eve day and looked at about 7 stores! Yikes, I was really starting to panic. I finally went to Micheal's Crafts and found a naked plastic doll body. I bought the doll, a stand, and some fabric and headed for home.

By the time we got done with the town Nativity, the delivering, reading of the Christmas story, and opening a present, it was after 10:00 pm before the kids were in bed and I could begin to start sewing doll clothes. Man, it was way harder than I expected it to be. Where was my sister Sharon when I needed her most! The details were so tiny and I'm embarrassed to say how many times I had to unpick seams. My machine started acting up about 2:30 am, but I finally got the dress and bonnet finished around 4:30. Of course, I still had to fill stockings, so by 5:00 am, I was finally in bed. Marty got up about then to go out and push snow.

The kids were kind enough to sleep until 7:30, and seemed thrilled with their "Santa" gifts. Brynn also got season 4 of Little House, and seemed very happy with the way things turned out. So I functioned all day, cooking a huge meal and having Marty's sister and nephew there all day, on 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

And you know who gets all the credit?

Stupid Santa, that's who.

Plastic doll body: $3.99; fabric: $4.44; sewing from 10:00 pm until 4:30 am: you couldn't pay me enough to do it again;

Seeing your little girl's face light up on Christmas morning because she loves her doll that Stupid Santa brought her: priceless.


Jenna Marie said...

Wow! I'm seriously impressed with how great the doll turned out Ann! That's awesome! And it seems like a perfect little gift for her... Too bad you couldn't make her a matching Charles doll to swoon over. :) I think everything turned out great... Way to go Santa...
Also- Thanks for the cute little post with our family pictures! You're so sweet. We love being friends with you guys, and love the amazing work you do with our pictures. Thanks for everything Ann... Talk to you soon...