Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fresh from Heaven

The older I get, and especially the older my own babies get, the more I seem to appreciate how precious and amazing these little people are - the ones who are brand new and so fresh from heaven.

My lovely friends Jeff and Jenna, after about a 14 month pregnancy, are finally holding their new little angel daughter in their arms. Whew, it's about time. I've been itching to take her pictures, but we definitely wanted Dad to be in them, so I had to hold off a few days so we could catch him home from work. (Although I did manage to sneak a quick shot the day I met her, before her official newborn photo shoot.)

Isn't she just scrumptious?!

And there's something special about a daddy and his little girl. It's obvious that Jeff is pretty much a goner over this kid and reportedly has the magic touch when it comes to getting her to settle down or go to sleep.

Jenna's got good ideas and is game to try lots of fun things, so we really had a good time. And sweet little babyAllison was such a good sport and even when we got her riled up, she settled down again pretty quickly.

One of the funnest parts was getting big brother Dallin in on the act. I've also taken his pictures a lot and I can't get over how big and gorgeous his eyes are. And even though he looks so much like his dad, the eyes are all Mom. Which is only fair, she ought to get some credit.

He was giving me all his funny faces.

He was so cute with his little sister and he's going to love having a new best buddy, confidante, playmate. Awww............

Well Jen, there's your sneak peak. Allison, you're a lucky little girl to have been sent to such a special family. I love you guys and I'm so happy for you.

This was just too much fun. Can we do it again soon?


Jenna Marie said...

Ahhh! I love them! And being the emotional post-baby self I am at the moment... I started to tear up! Ok... I probably would have anyway. I love my babies! Thank you so much Ann! They look wonderful! I'm SOOOO excited to see the rest of them! :)

katie said...

Great job Ann! They look great! What a precious little baby!

Jeff Corry said...

Thanks for the great pictures Ann! They are awesome. Of course...I am COMPLETELY biased...but what do you do...

Michele said...

Ann, what beautiful photos! Your subject matter is absolutely precious, but you are surely talented too!

Canyon Cruisers said...

You should be doing this full-time Ann and making a lot of $! Absolutely priceless! You are so talented, REALLY! I'm jealous I didn't do this better with my own little gems.
Congratulations Jenna and Jolene, such beautiful Moms, such sweet babies. It does renew a faith in humanity!