Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calling all mothers...........

I got to go to my book club tonight which is one of the highlights of my month. It's not even so much about the book - although I love to read and love the books we pick - it's about the fun conversations that always get off track and the company of cool, funny women, and the FOOD!

Yes, there I admit it, book club is mainly about the food.

My mom always says that she loves other people's cooking, and I used to look at her like, "huh?" because of course I ate only other people's cooking until I was married (at the tender age of almost 27) and had to be dragged kicking and screaming into domesticity.

But now I get what Mom meant, and I, too love other people's cooking. I LIVE for other people's cooking. Well, I guess that's overstating it a bit.

Anyhoo..... at book club tonight Wilda told me about this "The Mom Song" and emailed it to me as soon as she got home. We were talking about how we all turn into our mothers to one degree or another. Or, in light of this song, maybe we all turn into the same person - the generic mother figure.

So all you moms, or anyone who's had a mom, what do you think? Sound familiar?