Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Love!

Isn't it the truth, babies always seem to come in clumps. And this week I got to meet 3 new little bundles of joy.

This little guy's name is Payson and he's 5 days old today. And boy, is he sweet! He was such a good sport about us moving him, changing his hat, changing his blankie, etc. He was so relaaaaaxed, which made it really fun for me. Even the best natured of babies tend to get a little disgruntled with the mauling and manhandling that I do to them, but not Payson, he just curled up and slept no matter what I did to him. It was a perfect session because we got a lot done and I didn't have to feel bad for making the baby cry.

And just like I said in my last post about really appreciating these fresh kiddos, Payson's mom really appreciates him. She had quite a bit of trouble getting him here, but she was willing to do whatever she had to to get him safely here, and boy, is he worth it!

Some of my favorite portraits are of mom's and their babies together, and these we took today are some of my favorites of all time. That "baby love" is such a beautiful thing, and I think you'll agree that this Mom is beautiful with this precious baby in her arms.

I just loved his long skinny, wrinkly little feet....

And his perfectly shaped, adorable little head....

And his soft, soft skin......

(Baby hungry much?)

So this is just a little preview - complete album to come. Thanks, Jolene, for letting me take up so much of your day, it was so much fun!



Jenna Marie said...

What a cutie! I was hoping you'd be posting these today. :) I love the one with just his foot in focus! Jolene looks great too!

ME said...

I am seriously considering having my womb come out of retirement (after 10 years) and having another baby just so you can photograph it! Both sets of newborn pictures are so precious. I love them all!!! Very good job!