Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet baby "J"

It seems like babies always come in clumps. I'll go a long time between baby shoots and then have several in a week. Well, this week there are two - both friends of mine who are first time moms. It's so fun to watch the moms adjust, their lives will never be the same. I always say, "It's so much harder than you think it's gonna be, but you love 'em so more than you imagine that you could."

The mom and baby shots are always my favorite.

This little girl is so pretty, her perfect skin just blew me away, along with her big blue eyes, especially for a 3 week old. Her mom is one of my horsiest friends, and isn't much of a girlie girl. She had her little darling in "camo", for the photo shoot, which I thought was too cute. So I took her picture on pink furry fleece and made her a pink baby book to balance things out.

And we had to get a couple with big brother Bogie.....


katie said...

Your really good!! i think youu'll have to do some for me one day!

Ann H said...

thanks, Katie! Anytime.

You're kids are so cute, they'd be WAY fun to do.

ME said...

I am just loving these!!! Great Job! I really love that you added the pink with the camo. These are so nice!!!