Saturday, January 24, 2009

More fun photos of pretty girls

Today I went to take pictures for a family in Glendale. This young couple has been trying to have a baby for years and have gone through invitro (sp?) and all the other fertility craziness with no success. They are now applying to adopt through LDS family services and need pictures of themselves and both sides of the family for their application. I was happy to be involved in such a worthy cause. I was impressed that every single member of both sides of the family had traveled from far and near (mostly near) to support them in this endeavor. It's so hard to get such a big group together, but everyone knew how important this was for them. Such a great, supportive family. In fact, it was kind of touching because several members of the family approached me privately and wanted to pay for the session as a gift for the couple. So nice. I hope they are happy with the pictures, big groups are always kinda tough.

After we were all done with the family photos, their cute little 13 or 14 year old niece pulled me aside and told me that she absolutely hated her school picture this year and wondered if I would take one of her. So we went out in front of the church and got some really nice shots (in my humble opinion :). She is such a sweetheart, and it shows. This was one of my favorites.

And this one, looking way too sophisticated! I was SO not cute at that age.

Then, tonight when I was working on other people's photos, Brynn decided that I hadn't taken her picture in way too long. So we stepped to the back door and quickly took a few of her. It was almost dusk, but I used my new reflector and got some nice catch lights in her big brown eyes. She looks like a redhead in this photo, but it was just the evening light. Kinda pretty, I think.

So I guess if we have 2 girls who are happy with their pictures, it's a day well spent.


Jenna Marie said...

I can't believe how old Brindy looks in that pic! And Ms. Brynn looks gorgeous as usual. :) Nice job... :)