Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bonus Baby "B"

So this is the second baby I've taken pictures of this week, and it's kind of a cool story. These are some friends of mine who live near Sacramento. They've adopted several animals from Best Friends, and have been volunteering there for years and years, which is how I know them. A few years ago, they bought some property in Johnson Canyon and built a neat little vacation home out there. They are in their 40s and had never planned on having kids, but surprise! This baby had other ideas. So a month ago, they had little Mr. B. and he is a doll!

She works for the CA legislature and has lots of maternity and other leave saved up, so they brought their little guy out to Utah for the week and I got to go over today and take his picture. They are such lovely people, and I know they'll make good parents.

And Dad is super involved and tends the baby all the time while Mom goes on hikes with the dogs and volunteers at the Sanctuary for the day. Yea, Dad!

And Mom has already been a great "Mom" to lots of special needs animals that we've sent her way. They seem like natural parents to me, and are really enjoying their little bonus baby.


ME said...

Love These! He is such a little cutie. The one with the foot is just priceless.