Monday, April 13, 2009

My own little Easter flower

I really shouldn't put my own pictures back to back with Miss Audrey's (All hail A.W.!), but I did take a few of Brynn on Easter Sunday that I rather liked.

Instead of an Easter dress this year, which she really didn't need, I told Brynn I'd get her a few new flowers for her hair and a spring outfit (courtesy of Grandma).

It took a while for the hair flowers to grow on me, but nowadays I'm really liking them - as long as they're not bigger than the person's face or even head! (I lost that funny blog post you sent me, Jen, can you find it again?)

They remind me of when we lived at BYU and had Tongan and Samoan families in our ward. The ladies and girls always had fresh, gorgeous tropical flowers in their hair every Sunday.

Brynn was wearing her Easter flower around all day on Sunday and looked so pretty that I had to snatch her just as the sun was going down and get a few shots.

She really loves to model - and I really love to take her picture. I guess that's what you'd call a match made in heaven.

Sometimes I worry about her a little though.........

But this one, I love.

She's my own little Easter flower.


Alayna said...

Your daughter is so stunning, great portrait work!