Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

My friend, Valene, moved here from Lehi, where they apparently held an annual Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by the school. She thought it was a great thing, and wanted to incorporate it into our own little humble elementary school. And the Booster Club board said, "Great idea! You're in charge."

So she delegated the portraits of all 81 girls in the school (I know, we have a small school - it could have been a lot worse) and the making of the slideshow, to me. Which was fine, I have been wanting to learn how to do a slideshow, and I love taking portraits of beautiful girls, but........

I had a crazy week the week before and the week before that, and left all the portrait taking to the week OF the daddy/daughter dance. And guess what, when you don't know what you're doing, making a slideshow is apparently a lot of work.

So with a lot of help from my friends - thanks Nanette and DeAnna! - and a day off from work to finish it up, I finally did it. And I think it turned out rather nice.

The girls were so cute, during the slideshow they cheered, clapped and screamed for every face that came up. ALL 80 OF THEM!

We couldn't hear the music on my wimpy speakers in that big gym and with all the enthusiastic support those girls were giving themselves, but we're making each of them a cd of their picture with their daddy, the candids from the evening, and the slideshow.

And here's my own lovely daughter with her wonderful daddy (lucky little schmucky) and a few candids from the evening.

So what's more cruel than making a bunch of dads dance the Macarena? Taking their pictures while they're doing it.


What good sports the dads around here are! And almost every dad (or grandpa, or uncle, etc.) came - we were only missing like two or three. Amazing!

The girls also had been practicing a song called, "I Like Being Me", and learned the sign language to go with it - with help from Mrs. Leigh. Don't they look so lovely all standing in a rainbow? And who knew that little girls dressed like princesses and signing could create such VOLUME!

It was a really nice event and I'm so glad we did it.

And I'm so glad it's over. Amen.


katie said...

That little slide show is so great! Thanks for working so hard and sharing your talents!! Your awsome!!

Jenna Marie said...

Ok... For real... How amazing are you?? My Word Ann... Look at you- making this wonderful slide show for all of these cute girls to have... and EDITING EVERY PICTURE... Really... you're amazing! I bow down to you. :)