Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Big Boy

I know that anyone out there with kids also experiences the same phenomenon, but I just can't believe how fast my kid's birthdays roll around! How can it be possible that my Jaxy boy is already 11?!

So weird.

I told the kids last year that, starting that year, we would only have friend birthday parties every other year, and that on the family party year, we'd let them pick any activity they wanted and we'd do it as a family. Last year, of course, they all chose to have their friend parties, so this year, I'm completely off the hook as far as that goes. (yay.)

So Jaxon chose to go to Cedar to the movies, lunch and a shopping spree at the $1 store. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens, ate at Dairy Queen, and each kid got to pick any 2 items (yes, 2 whole items!) at the $1 store (except candy). And of course, the $1 store was the funnest part, but what a dilemma, trying to pick!

Jaxon chose a spiderman poster and a water gun, and didn't have as much trouble choosing as the other two. They finally settled on an axe and a family of geckos (Luke) and hair pretties and a dog statue (Brynn). I don't know why, but the whole $1 store extravaganza was very entertaining to me.

Jaxon also got an MP3 player - iPod impersonator- a dvd, some games and the newest Fablehaven book.

The MP3 player kept him more entertained going over the mountain than he usually is. (yay)

Luke had spent the night with his friend, Ruger, and spent the trip over the mountain like this....

Jaxon's final request for his birthday was that he have banana bread instead of cake, so I gladly obliged and then finished off by taking bizarre pictures of him with candle wicks in place of his eyes.

I don't know why. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

So I hope you had a good birthday, Jaxon. I'm proud of the boy/young man you're turning out to be and I love being your mom!

Happy Birthday!