Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes, I Just Don't Understand Her

This girl of mine, she's a caution. She came in yesterday and told me that she wanted me to cut off most of her hair. Now, the last time I cut her hair, she told me that she never wanted to cut it again and that she was going to grow it down to her waist. At least! But that was so many months ago and of course, she's completely changed her mind by now.

She wanted it "this short", she told me as she held it between her fingers. And the length kept getting shorter every time I told her how much I didn't want her to cut it. That's what I get. Always before - we've done this about three times before - I haven't said a thing, I've just cut it. But this time I was really feeling strongly about her keeping it long. And then I get, "But Mom, it's my hair!" And I figure, there might come a time when she want it purple, or heaven forbid, blond, and that's when I'll really have to make my stand.

So for now, I just gave in and cut it - and it's SO SHORT. Shorter than it's ever been before.

But even though I'm not too happy about it, I still had to take pictures to document. And of course, with a face like this, she's not exactly hideous.

But man, sometimes I just don't understand her. And I'm sure the feeling's mutual. Good thing we kinda like each other. Our mantra: We're the only girls in the whole family.

(This last photo was a special request by Brynn - don't mind the grubby crocs, she wanted to wear her Sunday shoes, but I told her they wouldn't show in hair photos.)


MyzlolSoh said...

I really really like to see more about your beautiful photos .
even I'm just new here it's doesn't matter to be fans with your photos .

Brian and Hillary said...

It is short Ann, but it is really cute on her. Phelele wants her hair to her bum and I am still not so sure I want her hair that long. She can be a pain when it comes to brushing and doing her hair.

Brynn is a pretty girl with short or long hair. It may eventually grow on ya. It will also grow back in time too.

Thanks again for the camera. It is really nice to have one again.

Parelli Central said...

I think she looks beautiful! Great job, mom, for doing such a cool hair cut :-)

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

listentomusiconline said...

Oh Yeah ...!

very beautiful .