Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Little Bit of (strange) Nostalgia

I probably saw this clip on Sesame Street during the mid to late 70s and have never forgotten it. I give lessons to a gal who has alpacas and every time I see her alpacas, I sing this little song in my head. The other day I decided to look it up on YouTube and see if I could find it - and sure enough, there it was! 

So here are the questions that come to mind as I watch this again after 30 years have gone by:

  1. How did this girl come to have a pet llama in the city of Manhattan?
  2. Why wasn't she accompanied by a parent?
  3. Why do she and the llama have the same teeth?
  4. Why, being Sesame Street, did they compose the song with incorrect grammar: "Me and My LLama"?

I'm tellin' ya, you just never know what's going to show up on my blog.