Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dallin and the Bubbles

My good friend and best photo client, Jenna, has two cute little kids. Her baby just turned 18 months and we had a fun photo session with her the other day:

 ....but Allison wasn't too sure she wanted to cooperate. At one point, her older brother Dallin stepped into the picture and was being so cute that I took a bunch of photos of him - I think, because the shoot wasn't about him and there was absolutely no pressure, he really turned on the charm.

 We borrowed a bubble machine for Allison's shoot, but my favorite bubble pic is this one:

 I wish I could have gotten one a half second sooner, too. That bubble was HUGE. I'm sure it didn't taste too good, but Dallin didn't care. He was in the moment, being a child, having a great time.

It's so fun to watch Jenna's kids grow, and having them around - they're like family.


Jenna Marie said...

Awww... :) Thanks Ann. You guys feel like family too. These are darling pictures! Maybe I should just secretly plan it like that for every shoot. Tell the kid that the shoot is really for the sibling... then get a few really great pictures of them too since the pressure is off! :)