Saturday, July 17, 2010

wanna get wet?

She wanted to make her invitation with blue construction paper and a sharpie pen and I almost let her. But I just don't roll that way! And this one literally took me 15 minutes - from taking the photos to printing them out.

And she loves them.

I say, if you have the technology, why not?

I want to marry Photoshop.

I'm letting her use my sharpie on the envelopes.

And she did a fine job.

"I love my dadgum camera!" - Pioneer Woman


Jenna Marie said...

What a fun idea! Love it! And, yes... a little jealous of those lashes!

Ronnie said...

Ann that invite is outrageously awesome! And I love that your total time is 15 minutes. You are amazing.

Parelli Central said...


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