Sunday, July 25, 2010

Over the Moon!

Last week I posted this picture that I'd taken for Brynn's birthday party invitations.

This week, Pioneer Woman is holding one of her famous photography contests and the theme is "water".

I'm never entered one of her contests, or any photography contest for that matter - the photos that are entered always blow my mind, they are just so gorgeous and interesting and incredible.

But I thought, "This photo of Brynn is kind of unusual and dramatically lit and her eyelashes look amazing with all the minuscule drops of water on them, and she's even wearing blue... perhaps I'll enter it - just for fun."

Well, you'll never guess - go ahead, try to guess. Oh, you'll never guess, I'm just going to have to tell you.....


Can you believe it? I still can't. I'm so psyched, I can't wipe the silly grin off my face!

And there several people in the comments who said mine was their favorite. So nice, what a totally fun thing.

So there will be 5 groups and then she'll pick the finalists. Now wouldn't that be fun?

So check out the contest and all the amazing water photos: PW "water" photography contest.


Ronnie said...

Well, naturally yours is my favorite! Good luck!

katie said...

that is really exciting!

katie said...
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