Thursday, July 22, 2010

Because it's Been So Bleedin' HOT!

I don't do well with heat, I really don't. I handle cold a lot better than the extreme heat we've been having around here the last couple of weeks.

Our valiant little swamp cooler that we installed when I was pregnant with Brynn is just a pluggin' away trying to keep ahead of the heat, but when it gets to be over 100 degrees outside, it has a pretty hard time. And it doesn't help with my heat issues that I have horses who insist on being fed and cared for even in the dead of summer, and also a part-time job working outside with the horses during the hottest part of day.

But tonight as I was organizing my picture files, I ran across these pics that made me feel a little cooler.

We live near a verra big mountain, and on the other side of this gigantic mountain is the closest Walmart. So once every three weeks or so, I set out across this mountain to do my major shopping. It's quite a drive - steep and curvy with deer and elk, sheer drop offs and the occasional raging forest fire to keep things interesting. But I like it, it's so pretty up there, and I know the road like the back of my hand.

Anyway. About 5 weeks ago, around the middle of June, I went across the mountain in a snow storm. Now, I have driven over that road about 49 times in blizzards, but never before in the middle of June. And is was so pretty and stormy and cool that I snapped a few shots with my little point and shoot camera.

There was actually snow sticking on the ground at one point.

So tonight, when I was filing these pictures, I thought it might be nice to post them and take my mind off how Africa-hot it's been around here lately.

Anyone else feel like they're living in Africa too?


Ronnie said...

I'm pretty sure taking photos while driving ranks right up there with texting while driving! =)