Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Miss Allison

Yesterday, I went to St. George with my friend, Jenna, to take pictures of her sister's new baby. As we were getting ready to take new little Connor's pictures, Jenna set 4 month old Allison down on the floor for a minute. She started "talking" to her mama and I hit the deck and quick snapped these shots. I didn't have time to compose them very well, but still love them.

So here's Miss Allison 4 months ago...

and here she is now.

Isn't she beautiful?

So I guess these are the bonus to our Connor session. You gotta love those "Kodak moments".

And then we went to Tai-pan trading and lost all reason finding fun props to put poor, unsuspecting babies in.

Connor's to come tomorrow......


Jenna Marie said...

awww... :) I got a huge smile on my face to pull up to my baby. :) She's such a cutie. We love her! :)

Thanks again for a fun, crazy (and HOT) day! :) I had a great time! You're a great "travel buddy!" :) Looking forward to seeing the ones of Connor! (And so is Kellie!) :)

Jeff Corry said...

I am a lucky Dad! Thanks for the pictures. Sorry again about the air conditioning!

katie said...

Way cute pictures!! I love the one with her lips puckered!