Sunday, July 19, 2009

Introducing...... Connor! (and his mom and dad)

So my good friend Jenna's sister, Kelly, had a big, beautiful baby boy last week and we got to go down and take his pictures a few days ago. His mama is tiny and stayed tiny all the way through her pregnancy and so everyone was pretty surprised when she gave birth to a 9 + pound linebacker masquerading as a newborn baby.

And he has these gorgeous dimples and was SUCH a good boy for his photo shoot.

I think I'm in love....

And so are his mom and dad, I think.

("hey Dad, you're all prickly!")

Is this a beautiful family, or what?!

Congrats guys! It was so fun, and I loved meeting your sweet boy.

More to come.


ME said...

Cute! Cute! I'm loving all the fun baby pics :) You can def tell that is Jennas sis...they look a lot alike. What a fun shoot. Great Job!