Sunday, July 26, 2009

Emma and new PS actions

The lovely little lady is Miss Emma. She was one of 4 babies I got to photograph last week - isn't she sweet?!

Another thing I worked on this week was finally getting some actions to run in my PS Elements program, so I'm including some "glazed" photos from the action set "CoffeeShop Sweet Bakery Glazes II" from CoffeeShop free actions.

I love them! You can tint the photo in vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, green apple or honey and they're all soft and glowey - perfect for babies. I turned the effect way down, so these aren't super extreme, but I really like the look. Let's call it my newest favorite thing.

They look cute with little fingers and tosies too.

We didn't have the best light that day, but I still think we got some okay shots of this sweet little gal.


Jenna Marie said...

These are awesome! So Sweet and adorable! Never would have known you didn't have very good lighting! :) Those actions are great huh! So fun.