Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More about PW

Okay, so I'm still SO in love with Pioneer Woman's blog that I have to put in another plug for it. I'm pleading, PLEADING with you people to check it out, there's something there for everyone.

Here she is, ain't she cute? - yes, I admit it, I do have a crush on her. (And her dog....)

(I also admit that I stole these photos off her site - but only with the best of intentions!)

Tara, if your listening (reading... whatever) Pioneer woman has the funniest blogs about her dog, Charlie, this one's for you...

"He's short. He's stubborn. His ears hang in his food. He's Charlie the Bassett Hound, and every day with him is an adventure."


ME said...

I love pioneer woman and have been a big fan of hers from the beginning!