Friday, February 6, 2009

Luke's first bike ride!

I have a theory about kids learning to ride bikes - it goes like this: If they learn to ride a scooter first, they can then just get on a bike and go. The scooter is less scary to balance on, but they learn the same concept. Worked really well for Jaxon, so last summer, we got Luke a scooter for his birthday and he rode it on and off until fall. But about the time he was ready to transition to a bike, we had shorter days, bad weather, and a dad who could never remember to fix his bike tires.

Lately, we've had a bout of good weather and the days are stretching out, and Luke's had a renewed interest in his bike. Daddy fixed the tires on Saturday night and took off the training wheels, but then we were busy for the first few days of the week and didn't get home until after dark. He almost couldn't stand it! Finally, sandwiched between several activities on Wednesday, we got a minute to got out and give it a shot. I thought I'd have to help him and hold him up and run along with him. But before I could even get there, he pushed off with his foot and started to ride............

My baby!

He's so cute when he's proud of himself.

.... and all the rest of the time, actually. I'm pretty in love with this kid. And I don't want him to grow up, but I'm proud of him anyway, but I want to keep him a baby, but I love it when he succeeds, but.....

I think I'm just a tad bit conflicted here.