Monday, February 2, 2009

My new favorite downtime thing....

My friend Katie (Hi Katie!) turned me onto the greatest blog the other day and now I'm totally addicted. Because I've enjoyed it so much, I've decided to pass it on to anyone else who might be interested. So if you like ironic, sarcastic, self deprecating, slightly irreverent humor about childrearing, cooking, marriage and everyday family life, this blog's for you. She also takes gorgeous photographs of her kids, husband, animals and their working ranch. She's a city girl who fell in love with a cowboy and moved to the country. It's called Pioneer Woman.

Wow, that was the first time I've ever linked a site without using the actual web address. You learn something new everyday. Go me!

Here's one of my favorite entries, called "What Do You Do with Girls?". (It's actually not one of the funnier ones, but still, it stuck with me.)

There! I did it again! So check it out, and be careful about starting to read the romance section about how she met her husband called "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels", it will totally suck you in.

I can see a lot of similarities between her husband and mine - her husband gave her a riding mower as a wedding present. Mine gave me a car battery charger for Christmas this year. (Yes, really - and nothing else!) And both our husbands look sexy in chaps.

But she's a much better cook than I am.

So check it out! (Thanks, Katie!)


katie said...

What a fun Christmas present! Some one needs to give him some tips for next year;)