Sunday, July 8, 2012

How Can I Forget About Christmas?! (2011)

I've been such a negligent blogger that I completely skipped Christmas of last year. And because I print my blog book as my own personal journal, it's important that I include it, even if it is 7 months after the fact.

After Sharon and Charlie got married in November, they also ended up being able to come to Grandma's for Christmas. One of the reasons that was so cool was that we got to meet Charlie's two younger kids: Andy and Torrie. Andy is close to Maddie and Jaxon's age and Torrie is just a few months older than Brynn.

Here's Andy:

Fittin' right in with the boys:

And here's Miss Torrie, enjoying her newly unwrapped gift:

We had a great Christmas because we were together. And the kids thought the presents were alright too.

(Somehow I missed getting photos of Jaxon and Grandma, they must have been behind me or something. With all this family/blessings, we don't have a lot of room in the living room.)

In the afternoon, even though it was bitterly cold, we all drove up to Temple Square - three carloads of us. Temple Square at Christmas time is truly a beautiful and remarkable place. It's amazing anytime, but at Christmas time, it's really special.

 My beautiful sisters:
 Looking toward the temple:

 the newlyweds. :)
The next best part about Christmas for me - after all of us getting to be together - was getting to photograph some of the gorgeousness that is Temple Square. It was a rush job, but I still had fun.

I especially loved the floating lights and the reflections in the water.

So there, I finally got around to blogging about Christmas. I'm so grateful for my family and for the Savior's birth. Merry Christmas in July to anyone who might be out there reading this.


Emily Lacey said...

I'm reading this. I'm so glad you posted. You have great pictures of great people. Miss you guys!