Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jaxon's Plane Ride

Our oldest kiddo, Jaxon, is 13 and the only boy scout in his age group in our local troop. In some ways it is kind of a bummer to be the only one, but there are definitely some benefits. One of the main perks is that he got to go for his first plane ride in a small plane owned by the good friend of his scoutmaster. (If there had been more boys, they couldn't have done it.)

It was a beautiful day and I had Jaxon take my little camera up in the plane to document the trip. They took a big loop around our area for a little more than an hour, and as they were up in the plane, he was able to call me on a cell phone. While I was on the phone with him I could hear the plane, but couldn't see it and then at one point, as we were riding our horses, we saw a little red and white speck fly over.

Here are the photos Jaxon took from the plane:

The thing that struck me was how varied and interesting the terrain in our area is.

 gee... desert much?

Jaxon didn't get scared and he didn't get air sick and he made it home safely. Success!