Monday, July 23, 2012

Hollywood Hillbillies - starring Brynn

Brynn has been after me for a couple of months to blog about her play, and I'm finally getting to it. Her 6th grade class put on a play called Hollywood Hillbillies. It was a really cute play with fun music and Brynn had one of the bigger parts. She played Cindy Lou, who was the town Postmistress and worked at the General Store. 

We were amazed and impressed at what a great little actress she was! She certainly didn't get that from Marty or me. There must be a recessive acting gene in the family because Jaxon got it too. 

Lots of music in this play - singing and dancing galore!

Her solo: 

 Cindy Lou and Sheriff Tom (Garrett) had awkward crushes on each other - these were my favorite photos:

And this is Brynn's favorite photo:

After the play was over, they had an after party featuring snow cones courtesy of Presley's mom, Camille. Here's Gena and Brynn demonstrating the dreaded brain freeze. 

I had to talk her into it, but I ended up loving this cute Cindy Lou portrait on the General Store set. Adorable.

We're proud of you sis, you are a very talented kid. I can't wait to see what you'll do next!