Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Cuteness

The queen of blogging, my beloved Pioneer Woman, says that you should post on your blog everyday. I'm not sure how in the world - while homeschooling 4 kids and living on a working cattle ranch - she has time to do this, but if she has time, I need to try a little harder. I do love blogging, after all.

Today, I worked all day out in the sun, and while it was a mere 94 degrees this afternoon in the rest of the countryside, it was at least 104 degrees inside of my arena. (Good thing I LOVE my job.) I then came back home and played with two of my own horses until after dark and fed all the animals - equine, canine, feline and human. I went to the grocery store, doctored Brynn's cut finger, followed up on homework, checked my email, said prayers, got the kids to bed - FINALLY - and am now doing my bloggin' duty.

I wanted to put up a big, important blog post tonight, but I'm absolutely exhausted. I was up too late last night editing and I really need more than a few hours sleep tonight. So I'm just posting a video of my baby that I took a couple of months ago and never got around to blogging.

This little "skit" is something my mom used to do when we were kids - don't know where it came from. Mom used to do it with a napkin or folded up piece of paper shaped like a bow-tie. Luke chose to do it with his grilled cheese sandwich.

And he couldn't remember the last line, so I wrote it down for him on a prompt card - which is why he pauses and his eyes keep shifting to the side of the screen. But he's toooo cute! With his fuzzy haircut and his crazy growing in teeth, his greasy skin from putting a sandwich on it.

MAN, I love this child!

So here it is, "Pay the Rent".....


Nettie said...

:) how adorable is that! I can Just hear his future girlfriends now... "aaawwwww" :)

Hanna said...

haha, that is SO cute!! lol

Molly said...

Oh, is this what Luke opens up like when Jaxon isn't interrupting him?!?! :) Sometimes I want to tell Jaxon, "Give Luke a chance to get a word in edgewise!"

Lukie is so cute. He sounds like Brynn when he switches to his 'girl voice.'